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How we work

  • Democratically
    The TBPA’s programme is proposed by the Board of Executives, who meet at least three times a year to review plans and progress.  These proposals are then put before the Members at a General Meeting.  Should there be any items of major importance, they are decided by a vote of Members.
  • Publicly
    By undertaking promotions that raise the profile of tenpin bowling.  This will sometimes be achieved in co-operation with third parties and outside agencies.
  • Lawfully
    At all times, the TBPA carries out its function and programme of work only by lawful means and within the ethics of good business practice.

What Is The TBPA’s Programme?

  • Status of the Industry
    The TBPA operates publicly and privately to raise the profile of tenpin bowling.  It is the TBPA’s key role to keep raising the profile of this vital, fast growing industry – an objective that is shared by numerous other Associations connected to the tenpin bowling industry.
  • Co-operation with Third Parties
    The TBPA believes that the industry’s growth and development are enhanced by effective partnerships with quality, third party brands.

TBPA’s Vision Statement

It is the vision of the TBPA to be an essential resource to bowling centres and to lead a united, growing, more prosperous and highly regarded tenpin bowling industry.

TBPA’s Mission Statement

It is the mission of the TBPA to raise the awareness of tenpin bowling.

Aims of the TBPA

The TBPA aims to represent its membership to other bodies and organisations in matters, which might affect its Members collectively or individually, particularly in the formulation and maintenance of formal regulation of the industry.  Such organisations include other bowling associations and regulatory bodies within the sport of tenpin bowling as well as local and national Government.

The TBPA will, when appropriate, provide its Members with advice on compliance with law and regulations.  It may act as a representative of the Member in the first instance.

The TBPA aims to act as a catalyst for change.  Its key objectives are: -

  • To develop the TBPA as an effective and efficient Association.
  • To promote the tenpin bowling industry by improving Public awareness of tenpin bowling, its economic importance and status.
  • To offer to our Members national promotions that build awareness of tenpin bowling through media and packaging exposure.
  • To link the tenpin bowling industry to quality third party brands.
  • To improve regulatory frameworks and influence formal policies and plans which affect the tenpin bowling industry’s operation and its continued growth and improvement.
  • To act as an active forum for Members to share best practices, knowledge and resources and to debate policy.
  • To work together on Health & Safety initiatives to enhance the safety of our Customers and Staff and reduce claims against the tenpin bowling industry.
  • To improve the Customer’s experience of tenpin bowling and tenpin bowling centres.
  • To ensure that industry resources are used to enhance the profitability of TBPA Members.
  • To recognise market place trends in order to meet Members’ and Customers’ expectations.
  • To build revenue for Members.
  • To reduce Members’ operating costs.
  • To secure unity of action amongst Members.
  • To increase and enhance two way communication and participation between: -
    • TBPA and all other bowling partners
    • TBPA and British Tenpin Bowling Associations
    • TBPA and the media
    • TBPA and bowling centres
    • TBPA Members and other non TBPA Members
    • TBPA Members and their Customers

TBPA’s Code of Practice

  • The primary aim of Members is to provide Customers with good service.
  • All Members must be acquainted, and comply, with relevant legislation in respect of Employment, Health & Safety and Corporate Governance.
  • All Members undertake to provide Employees with appropriate training.
  • Members shall conduct themselves in a proper manner when dealing with other Members, Trade Partners, Customers and the Public.
  • In respect of any marketing and promotional activity organised by the Association, the Members shall abide by the rules and guidelines provided.
  • Members will engage in free and fair competition and not involve themselves in any form of price fixing.
  • Members shall be held accountable to the Association for actions detrimental to the Association or which bring the Association or the sport of tenpin bowling into disrepute.


The Association endeavours, at all times, to give good advice and accurate information to Members and third party enquirers.  However, any information, advice or opinion from the Association or its Officers or authorised representatives to any Member or any other party is imparted only on the basis and understanding that no warranty is given as to the correctness of such information and that there shall be no liability whatsoever at any time on the Association or its Officers or authorised representatives for any loss or other consequence of any person acting or relying upon such information.

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