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The Team

List of TBPA Members

A-Z listing of all TBPA Members can be obtained direct from the General Secretary.

How Is the TBPA Organised?

The TBPA is governed by its own constitution and has Full Members who are proprietors of
tenpin bowling centres in the UK; Associated (Allied Trade) Members who are representatives of trade and corporations affiliated to the tenpin bowling industry and Associate (Overseas) Members - Proprietors of bowling centres outside the UK.

The Association has a Board of Executives who set strategic aims and objectives, which must then be endorsed by the Members.

The current Board of Executives is made up of the TBPA’s Officers and Executive Members: -


President Mr A J Ashbridge  
Vice - President Mr T Clarke Starlanes
Chairman Mr P Millward NAMCO
Vice Chairman Mr A Green Family Amusements
Treasurer Mr S Clarke Starlanes
General Secretary Mr G Brimble  


Mr M Root The Hollywood Bowl Group
Mr G Blackwell Tenpin
Mr M Quaintance Super Bowl UK
Mr P Terry Disco Bowl Ltd
Mr J Taylor Shipley Lanes
Mr D Grainger Shipley Lanes

The TBPA appoints a General Secretary to be responsible for the general administration of the Association.  The General Secretary is Mr Gary Brimble, 56 Braeside Road, Southampton, SO19 7AX, Tel: 0238 057 0463, e-mail:

Latest News

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