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What is the TBPA?

TBPA stands for the Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association and is the Trade Association for the tenpin bowling industry in Great Britain. Formed in 1961 and in response to the rapid development of this sector, the TBPA was formed as an umbrella organisation.  It has grown to represent the interests of many companies and independent operators in tenpin bowling and today it has about 40 Members (from leading commercial operators to family run businesses) who are responsible for approximately 150 bowling centres with some 3,700 bowling lanes.  The TBPA’s membership has a wide geographical spread across the UK.  The three major bowling equipment suppliers are also Members.

  • The TBPA works closely with local and national Government and independent organisations. 
  • The Association offers advice and information to help its Members comply with law and regulations.
  • The TBPA encourages high standards of business practice through a voluntary Code of Practice.

Tenpin Bowling in the UK

  • Tenpin Bowling has grown into a major industry and contributor to the national economy. 
  • The industry currently employs approximately 10,000 Employees. 
  • The estimated value of the tenpin bowling market is more than £250 million.
  • There are approximately 320 bowling centres in the UK. There are a few large chains but most of the centres are part of very small groups, which are usually owner-operated.
  • They are busiest during the winter season and at weekends.

Latest News

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