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Tenpin Bowling Covid - secure

Monday, June 29th, 2020

Some interesting facts about tenpin bowling in your community and the economy.

  • There are 321 ten pin bowling centres across the UK
  • Offeing a unique form of safe family fun
  • Promoting family interaction
  • Leading to improved wellbeing
  • Wide demographic and age appeal
  • Community focused - most customers within 15 min drive
  • Low ticket price providing affordable fun to all
  • Tenpin bowling market worth £310m to UK economy 2019
  • Popular and growing leisure activity with over 50m games bowled in 2019
  • Tenpin bowling provides over 8.000 jobs in local communtities
  • Customers also support co-located retail and hospitality businesses by providing vital footfall and revenue to them after their bowling visit
  • Well represented across all regions of the UK
Did You Know?
  1. Tenpin bowling centres are spaciuos indoor areas - typically over 20,000 sq ft, so can fully comply with Government Covid - secure protocols for the wider hospitality sector.
  2. Specific tenpin bowling protocols have also been developed to enable 2m social distancing between customer groups and Covid - secure cleaning of all equipment between each game.

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