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Reasons To Join The TBPA

As a TBPA Member, you will belong to a group of like minded operators. Running similar businesses, we often find Members share common challenges and issues. As a TBPA Member, you’ll have access to the named contacts for all operating Members, be able to meet fellow operators at our regular meetings and be able to ask the TBPA Secretary if you’d like a personal introduction.

Influence Your Sector

TBPA is the voice of the Tenpin Bowling industry. Members can liaise directly with Industry Sub Groups and those involved in lobbying.


We all hope that our Members will never have any major disasters, however, should they occur you can be assured in the knowledge that the TBPA is in your corner. Whether this is providing advice directly or putting you in touch with operators who have had similar issues, TBPA will do everything to help.

Extend Your Knowledge and Obtain Help All Year

Sharing knowledge and finding out best practice is a major advantage to being a TBPA Member. If you want to find out how others in the industry solve their challenges, just ask the TBPA team. They will either help you directly or put you in touch with a Member who can.

Send Out The Right Message

Show your customers, insurers and regulators that you belong to a Trade Association with a respected reputation for social responsibility and adherence to a code of practice and licensing objectives relating to liquor, gaming and the protection of children and vulnerable people.

Raising The Profile Of Tenpin Bowling

As a Member you will have your sites listed on our “” website which features high in searches and provides direct links to your own website.

Take advantage of third party offers that the TBPA arranges most of which are national and beyond the scope of most individual operators.