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Application for Membership

  • Membership class applied for
  • the undersigned DO HEREBY MAKE APPLICATION to become a member of the Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association of Great Britain in respect of the following Bowling Centre/s.
  • FURTHER DECLARE that in accordance with Rule 2. I/We have enrolled or will enrol and will keep enrolled all Bowling Centre/s eligible for membership of the Association in the operation of which I/We are concerned.
  • HEREBY AGREE to conform to and abide by the Rules and Resolutions of the Association and to promote to the best of my/our ability the interest of the Association.

Appointment of representative

  • whose registered office is at:
  • hereby appoint as Representative for the foregoing Centre

NOTE: Please notify the General Secretary of any changes to the above details.

Current Annual Subscriptions payable on the 1st January each Year.

Full Membership

Proprietors owning one centre with less than 10 Lanes: £100 pa (Plus VAT @ 20%) per centre.

Proprietors owning centres with more than 10 Lanes: £250 pa (Plus VAT @ 20%) per centre.

Proprietors with more than 4 centres: £1,000 pa (Plus VAT @ 20%).

Associate Membership

Designed for Overseas Bowling Centre Proprietors, Pro Shop Operators, Bowling Magazine Editors, Bowling Consultants, Associated Trade Company’s, Brewery Representatives and Bowling Association Members (BTBA, STBA etc). £250 pa (Plus VAT @ 20%)

Associate (Allied Trade Membership)

Designed for Bowling equipment manufacturers and suppliers. £450 pa (Plus VAT @ 20%)

Please make cheques payable to: The ‘Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association’ and forward, together with a completed Application Form to:

Mr G Brimble
TBPA General Secretary
56 Braeside Road
Southampton SO19 7AX